Dinner Jackets

An evening out to the opera, getting married, dancing at a formal ball, or attending a lavish dinner party all have one thing in common – it was time for men to dress in their finest attire. Going back to the 1800’s, the dinner jacket was born as a wardrobe staple of elegance.

Fast forward to our modern era and this jacket is still a look every man should own. Whether you are looking to buy this season’s latest model, buy a traditional white jacket for a wedding, or invest in a classic black jacket for your next black tie event, you will find them all right here at Buy4LessTuxedo. Beautifully made from the finest quality fabrics, the jackets in our exclusive online collection are perfect for men who love to look their best, no matter the occasion.

Designed to coordinate effortlessly with designer tuxedo shirts and either tailored pants or modern denim jeans, these dinner jackets are extremely versatile and offer endless, unparalleled styling options. If you are looking to buy a quality jacket online, we are confident that you will find exactly what you are looking for within our exclusive collection. We offer modern, classic, and slim fit jackets in various different fabrics, and currently stock 13 different colors ranging from classic black and white to rich burgundy and highly fashionable snakeskin.

Whether you want to stand out in the crowd with an Italian blend fabric or look as smooth as ice in polyester, we offer an assortment of material options and designers that you can choose from. A timeless investment that will take you to any special occasion, or even just a night out on the town, dinner jackets are hard to beat. Whether you are channeling your inner James Bond for a black tie event, or simply want to look your best walking your daughter down the aisle on her wedding day, a tailored dinner jacket ticks all the right boxes.

To complete your look, we also offer tuxedo shoes for sale, tuxedo vests in an assortment of different colors, you can buy bow ties, scarves, and other accessories that will correlate phenomenally, and you can find it all directly at Buy4LessTuxedo.

Tuxedo Styles

When it comes to dinner jackets, there are plenty of options available to you. Apart from traditional black and white outfit, you can add some color and style to your suit with a colored dinner jacket. For example, you can choose our Enzo purple velvet dinner jacket, which is made of velvet and comes in a slim fit. This is the ideal alternative to a black-and-white tuxedo, and will definitely be stylish enough for any corporate or formal event.

You can also choose jackets from various other materials, like a wool, polyester, and more. This means you can choose a comfortable fit and material that will work well with the rest of your outfit. You can also choose between different styles, like a slim fit, a moderate fit, or classic fit. We have great dinner jackets available from various well-known brand names like Hardwick, Joe Black, and Ferrecci.

You can also choose from a variety of accessories to add some style and color to your jacket. This includes pants, neckties, gloves, pocket squares, and formal jewelry. These are also available in many different colors to perfectly accessorize your jacket as well as the rest of your outfit. Regardless of the color jacket you choose, it always works well with a plain white tuxedo shirt and a stylish bowtie.

White tuxedos are very popular, and so is a white dinner jacket. These jackets are not only reserved for daytime events, as you can wear white to formal evening events as well. This means you have more options to choose from, as you can mix and match your white jacket to suit almost any style.

Buying Dinner Jackets

When looking to buy tuxedos, dinner jackets are a great alternative to a formal tuxedo. They allow you a bit more creativity, as you can mix and match the dinner jacket with almost any color and style suit. They go perfectly with black trousers, and you can complete the look with a black bow tie.   

It is always a good idea to have your dinner jacket tailored to your specific look. The benefit is that you will not only have a very stylish looking jacket but also one that fits you comfortably. With the right jacket and accessories, you will look perfect in your formal suit and be ready for any event.

If you are looking to buy tuxedos, Buy4LessTuxedo stocks have a wide range of tuxedos and other options available. We cater for children, teens, mature gentlemen, and everyone in between. We have a large selection of tuxedos, including cutaway tuxedos, and also offer a complete range of accessories. This means you can buy shoes, vests, shirts, and jewelry to add some style to your tuxedo outfit.

The members to choose the right fit for your tuxedo jacket. You can choose between a modern, classic, and slim fit. Although each of these looks great, it really depends on your personal style. Slim profits are cut closer to the body so they have less room for moving around. Modern fits are slightly more relaxed, while a classic fit this offer the best choice. It offers you maximum flexibility.

For more information about our selection of dinner jackets, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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  1. James White Dinner Jacket


    "James" White Dinner Jacket
  2. Cardi Hamilton Ivory Dinner Jacket


    Ivory Dinner Jacket
  3. Hamilton White Dinner Jacket


    White Dinner Jacket
  4. Andrew White Dinner Jacket


    "Andrew" White Dinner Jacket
  5. Matthew Ivory Dinner Jacket


    "Matthew" Ivory Dinner Jacket
  6. Portland White Tuxedo Jacket


    "Portland" White Tuxedo Jacket
  7. "Fitzgerald" Plum Tuxedo Jacket


    Plum 1-Button Peak Tuxedo Jacket
  8. "Bradford" Navy Tuxedo Jacket


    Navy 1-Button Shawl Tuxedo Jacket
  9. "Bradford" Steel Grey Tuxedo Jacket


    Steel Grey 1-Button Shawl Tuxedo Jacket
  10. "Bradford" White Tuxedo Jacket


    White 1-Button Shawl Tuxedo Jacket
  11. Fitzgerald Steel Grey Tuxedo Jacket


    Steel Grey 1-Button Peak Tuxedo Jacket
  12. Fitzgerald Navy Tuxedo Jacket


    Navy 1-Button Peak Tuxedo Jacket
  13. "Brocade" Black Dinner Jacket


    "Brocade" Black Dinner Jacket
  14. "Brocade" White Dinner Jacket


    "Brocade" White Dinner Jacket
  15. "Sequin" Blue Dinner Jacket


    "Sequin" Blue Dinner Jacket
  16. "Sequin" Gold Dinner Jacket


    "Sequin" Gold Dinner Jacket
  17. "Sequin" Black Dinner Jacket


    "Sequin" Black Dinner Jacket
  18. "Sequin" Red Dinner Jacket


    "Sequin" Red Dinner Jacket
  19. "Enzo" Grey Velvet Dinner Jacket


    "Enzo" Grey Velvet Dinner Jacket
  20. "Enzo" Black Velvet Dinner Jacket


    "Enzo" Black Velvet Dinner Jacket
  21. "Enzo" Burgundy Velvet Dinner Jacket


    "Enzo" Burgundy Velvet Dinner Jacket
  22. Enzo" Purple Velvet Dinner Jacket


    "Enzo" Purple Velvet Dinner Jacket
  23. "Enzo" Royal Blue Velvet Dinner Jacket


    "Enzo" Royal Blue Velvet Dinner Jacket
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