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3 Autumn Tuxedo Trends You Need To Know For Your Next Wedding

Each season brings around a new opportunity for fashion statements. You can customize your normal outfits to fit the weather, and you can make yourself stand out with styling decisions that stay relevant to trends. The fact that fashion trends vary as time passes goes without saying, but people often don’t think that you can change the style of something like a tuxedo as easily. We’re here to change that.

Your Fall Tuxedo Options
When you’re choosing from our wide selection of tuxedos for weddings, selecting one that fits in with this autumn’s fashion will keep you looking trendy and feeling comfortable during days where the temperature can fluctuate quite a bit. For fall we recommend:

  • Black Tuxedos - Black tuxes are perfect for any event-goer, no matter the time of year. If you’re attending a black tie event or just a standard wedding, you can never go wrong with this traditional, time-tested suit.
  • Grey Tuxedos - During the Fall, gray tuxedos are a great choice for comfort and fashion. The lighter color will give you some flexibility if the wedding you’re attending is partially outside, and it will look fantastic against a fall color palette for pictures.
  • Brown Tuxedos - The popularity of a brown suit peaks during autumn. It matches well with the colors of the season and gives you a more natural, refined look.
  • Other Colors - The benefit of fall is that it gives you plenty of options if you choose to go with an outfit that is a little bit more outgoing. Choosing a suit that has more patterns or a non-traditional color is a great choice for those who want to make a statement. We have red, royal blue, or even silver tuxedos that could be a great addition to your fall wedding wardrobe.


An autumn tuxedo should be customized to fit changing weather. We all know those days that start out chilly but grow into blazing heat in the afternoon. You want your suit to be versatile, so choosing a tuxedo that has layers and a material that works in mild weather is important. We recommend wool, velvet, or wool blend for your fall wedding tuxedo.


Here’s a guide we put together to help you pick out the right tux this autumn: 


Autumn Accessories
Great accessories can make or break an outfit. When you choose a bow tie or fedora for your fall tuxedo, make sure that it reflects your seasonal style. Mix and match your accessories to make your outfit stand out!

At Buy4LessTuxedo, we give you affordable options for full tuxedos, accessories and individual tuxedo jackets. When you’re looking for a great outfit for your autumn wedding, turn to Buy4Less for a tuxedo that is crafted to make you look great all season long.