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3 Types of Neckwear — Where to Wear These Menswear Accessories

For fashion enthusiasts, dressing for a formal event can be exciting, but sometimes, equally stressful. When you know you’re going somewhere that requires a little elegance, it’s easy to get caught up in all the different accessory options available to complete your outfit. Whether you need men’s formal wear for a wedding, conference, job interview, or gala, choosing the right kind of neckwear can be confusing — especially when you fear showing up too underdressed or too overdressed. 

For the latest, most versatile accessories, Buy4LessTuxedo carries all pieces to complete your look. While some men have a tough time choosing the right neckwear accessory for their tuxedo or suit, it’s important to understand the versatility of these statement pieces. Although bow ties, neckties, and cravat can be worn for various events, we are excited to lend tips to those struggling to determine which occasion is more suitable than others.

Where to wear the following neckwear accessories:

Neckties are a classic statement piece — versatile for almost any occasion. They are the most popular choice when it comes to formal menswear accessories, even if tying them can be a challenge to most. Neckties are commonly worn during a wedding, dinner party, conference, job interview, funeral, and gala, to name a few.

Undergoing many variations since its invention in the 17th century, cravat neck pieces are still very relevant today. This menswear accessory is typically worn during formal events and usually requires a great deal of confidence, as they are still a bold choice. Considered to be comfortable around the neck and very stylish, cravats make quite the statement. Although they are typically worn during elegant dinner parties, weddings, in attendance of theater shows, prep schools, award shows, and other formal events, cravats can also be dressed down to be worn in the office or everyday occasions.

Bow Tie
It wouldn’t be alarming to see a variety of bow ties stacked up in a fashion conscious man’s wardrobe. This accessory has become increasingly popular, especially amongst traditional neckties. Although neckties are the leading competitor, bow ties are a fun alternative to the conventional choice. The tricky thing with bow ties is that they can be used in everyday wear, or during extremely lavish occasions such as weddings, balls, cocktail parties, and other formal events.

The great thing about men’s neckwear accessories is that they are versatile and can be dressed up or dressed down. When attending an event, it’s important to take note of the atmosphere and the type of people you will be encountering. For example, if you are attending an informal event where no one is wearing a tie, it might be a little awkward if you showed up wearing an elegant cravat neck piece. To come prepared and dress appropriately in accordance to the occasion, your best bet is to find out how formal or informal your event will be prior to attending.

You can never go wrong with pairing a quality tuxedo with your neckwear accessory. If you are interested in formal suits for weddings and other formal events, Buy4LessTuxedo offers affordable options to complete your entire outfit. For questions and inquiries, fill out our contact form or call us directly at 1-888-724-2829.