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5 Tips for Your Outdoor Fall Wedding

An outdoor wedding can be a high risk, high reward setting for your wedding day. Bad weather could make the idea seem bad, but a well-executed outdoor wedding can end being spectacular. With your fall wedding soon approaching, here are some last-minute tips to keep in mind as the big day gets closer and closer.

Prepare for the Weather
This is a big one when planning an outdoor wedding. Although rain on your wedding day is said to be a sign of good luck, just a few rain clouds can ruin the big day. When scheduling and designing your outdoor wedding, it is smart to always plan for bad weather on the big day. Planning for rain will help keep you dry in case there is bad weather, as well as not change any of the planning for the wedding if you are blessed with good weather.

The More the Merrier
Including all family members and close friends to an indoor event can be difficult and expensive. With an outdoor wedding, you have more flexibility of inviting as many guests as you want (to a certain extent.)

Keep the Elderly in Mind
Between the two families, there is a good chance someone will have an elderly family member in attendance. When having an outdoor wedding regardless of season, make sure their needs are brought up. Some may have trouble standing or sitting for a prolonged time. Make sure the proper accommodations are in place for them.

Embrace the Outdoor Setting
Since the two of you have already decided on an outdoor wedding, we’re going to assume that both of you enjoy the outdoors. An outdoor wedding gives you many opportunities to express why you picked an outdoor wedding. From the theme down to the decor, express what drove you to pick an outdoor venue for your big day.

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