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How to Choose the Right Shoes for Your Tuxedo

The shoes you wear can make or break your outfit. They’re a way to express your own style, and a carefully chosen shoe can complement your entire look. Here at Buy4LessTuxedo, we’re experts at pairing men’s formal wear for weddings, and we want everyone to look their absolute best at their next black-tie event.  

So how do you choose the right shoes for your suit? We’re here to answer just that. After you answer just a few simple questions, you’ll have no problem finding the right shoes for you to pair with your formal suits for weddings.

Where are you going?
This is the first question you need to ask yourself. Are you going to a wedding? A formal dinner party? A work event? The function that you are attending will help you choose the suit that you’ll be wearing, which will directly influence the tuxedo shoes you can or can’t wear.

If you’re going to a formal event, patent leather oxfords or wingtips are a safe bet. They’ll pair well with a tuxedo of any kind, and their shiny finish will make you stand out of the crowd a little bit more. If you’re attending a more casual event that still requires a suit, consider a suede tuxedo shoe or something a little bit duller, rather than opting for patent leather.

What color is your tux?
After making sure your shoe is right for the event you’re attending, the next most important part is making sure it goes with your tuxedo’s color. We’ll break down the colors for you right here:


  • Black Suits — Black Shoes (generally not suede)
  • Brown Tuxes — Brown or Black Shoes (these can be suede)
  • Navy Suits — Black or Brown Shoes
  • Gray or Charcoal Tuxedos — Black or Brown Shoes


Of course, these rules aren’t set in stone. If you have an outgoing personality or want to show your own style with a more colorful shoe, say red or blue, try to stick to a gray or brown tux.

What color are your accessories?
Accessories are what make you stand out. Metal watches, rings, or cufflinks should all be the same color. We suggest that you match your socks to your suit, rather than your shoes. If the coloration is too similar, you could be at risk of making your shoes look more like boots.

Get the Right Shoes Here
At Buy4LessTuxedo, we have all of the style options and accessories that you need to make you look incredible at your next formal event. From shoes to cummerbunds, to suspenders, trust us for all of your formal-wear needs.

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