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The Difference Between a Tux and a Suit: The Tuxedo is a Statement


Personal fashion is a choice we often take for granted in today’s society, but there was once a time when the styles that are worn in the streets today would have been ridiculed for indecency. Women were not allowed to show their ankles in public, let alone wear sleeveless blouses, skirts that hem above the knee, and suits to work like men. And now, men are able to sport bold prints and colors, different textures of fabrics, and a multitude of styles in their business wear. Such radical levity of oppression to personal fashion created a cultural dissonance between common knowledge and the fashion industry, leading to the increase in one question being raised again and again:

What is the Difference Between A Tuxedo and a Suit?
The short answer, is simply that a tuxedo is a statement, and a suit is not.

A suit is a set of clothes made from the same fabric and designed to be worn as a pair. You can wear a suit on any occasion you see fit. A suit is normally comprised of a matching pant and jacket combination, along with a dress shirt, a tie, and usually a tie clip. They are fairly commonplace and worn to:

  • Someone else’s wedding
  • Interviews
  • Office jobs
  • Business meetings
  • Dinner
  • A date
  • And More!

A tuxedo (also known as a dinner suit or dinner jacket in British English), is a semi-formal evening suit distinguished by the presence of satin on the jacket’s lapels and the outside seam of the trousers. Traditionally, tuxedos have satin facing on the buttons and pocket trim as well, but designers often choose to leave this detail out nowadays.

Tuxedos are meant to stand out, so when you choose to wear them, keep in mind that they are worn to signify a special occasion. You can wear a tuxedo to:

  • Your own wedding
  • Captain’s Night on a cruise
  • Your Quinceanera
  • Prom
  • Opening night at the opera
  • Formal occasions requiring black or white tie evening wear
  • Other special occasions

And that’s it. A tuxedo can be a supremely elegant and flattering garment, but its purpose lies in making a statement and cherishing the moment. A tuxedo says: “ This is my chance to shine!”

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