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What to Wear Under Your Tuxedo: All About Tuxedo Shirts

Nowadays, the first time you put on a tuxedo could be as late in life as your own wedding! To help you get prepared for whatever special occasion you might need a tux for, Buy4LessTuxedo.com is here to supply your defining garment and teach you all about it. We have bow ties for weddings, accessories (like cummerbunds) for black tie events, tuxedos for prom, and suits for all occasions.


One of the lesser-discussed categories of items that we offer in our inventory, are tuxedo shirts. No tux is complete without a stunning tuxedo shirt to complement (or even strikingly offset) the look. When you try on one of our fitted tuxedo shirts, you can hold your chin high knowing that your inner confidence is reflected in the elegance and sophistication of your debonair attire.

There are several styles of tuxedo shirts for both women’s and men’s tuxedos. All properly made tuxedo shirts should be constructed from a lightweight, but durable material that can be washed and pressed. Some of the styles we offer include:

  • Slim Fit Tuxedo Shirts: There are slim fit tuxedo shirts to compliment those who typically have trouble filling out wider styles. There are collections for those who are of a broader build as well.
  • Cufflink Tuxedo Shirts: Some tuxedo shirts accommodate cufflinks to add a bit of of flair to your outfit, while others have cuffs perfectly fit to wear without cufflinks.
  • Pleated Front Tuxedo Shirts: Pleated front tuxedo shirts are never out of date. When worn correctly with a tuxedo, they can catch eyes in a very positive way.
  • Plain Front Tuxedo Shirts: While pleating is a popular look, we also have plain tuxedo shirts that complement sleeker tuxedos or tuxedos with bold patterns and colors.
  • Pique Bib Front Tuxedo Shirts: There is a unique fabric that creates tiny piques, which results in a classy texture without being too dramatic or overwhelming the tuxedo jacket. This fabric is sewn onto the front of a tuxedo shirt with a “bib-like” fashion, coming just below the fourth button on average.
  • Wing Tip Collar Tuxedo Shirts: Different collar styles are available for tuxedo shirts, and the wing tip is one that accentuates the sharp angles of the front of the collar, flaring out just slightly. It can add a subtle decadence to your attire instantaneously.

At Buy4LessTuxedo.com, you can order a superior quality tuxedo from top to bottom. You won’t have to shop around to buy bow ties, cufflinks, or a tuxedo shirt anymore; you can do it all within our online store. If you are interested in learning more about our tuxedo shirts (including brands, colors, and other styles we carry), feel free to visit our shirt listing at: https://www.buy4lesstuxedo.com/tuxedo-shirts.