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3 Ways to Show Off Your Style in a Tuxedo

No one wants to be another face in the crowd. We all have an individual style that makes us unique, and everyone wants to infuse their sense of fashion into their clothing choices. When an event calls for a tuxedo, it can feel like you'll be forced into blending along with everyone else, but that's simply not true!

With a little bit of creativity, you can stand out in your tux without breaking the dress code! The key to standing out in a tuxedo is choosing the right accessories to compliment your style. Consider taking our tips for these add-ons to your tuxedo for your big day!

      ● If your style is trendy ... Add a splash of color to a tuxedo for prom with your socks! An understated yet crucial part of the overall "look" of the tuxedo, fashion-forward socks in patterns like paisley or argyle give off an individual vibe without being too edgy or spoiling the classic look of a tuxedo. You can also customize your look with the right cufflinks, which come in an endless number of styles and colors. Feel free to get creative! 

      ● If your style is vintage ... Channel The Great Gatsby with your tuxedo for a wedding with a classic dapper white bowtie, which brings back an era of swing dancing and champagne! To make the look feel even more 1920s, you can add shiny shoes and gemstone cufflinks, which do an excellent job of keeping you looking fun and fancy. 

      ● If your style is sophisticated ... If your style icon is James Bond, keep things simple with a slim black necktie and an understated pocket square. With this type of look, you want to stand out, so accessorizing with a simple leather watch is the best choice to keep your look as cool as you are! 
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